• high quality execution of stainless steel 
  • high quality of ground product
  • execution of pressing chamber and pressing worm in highly resistant to abrasion stainless steel
  • two compatible drives of feeding worm and pressing worm ensure optimal adjustment of amount of dosed material 
  • smooth regulation of feeding worm (optional)
  • cutting system includes high quality cutting devices 
  • automatic adjustment of material feeding to set load of pressing worm
  • pressing worm equipped with an automatic pushing out system (option W-160, W-200)
  • grinders equipped with peripheral device for separation of tendons and membranes (option) and separator of poultry bones (option)
  • safety systems for optimum working safety
  • microprocessor controller responsible for control of all work parameters
  • the pressing worm is made of single metal element without a welding process 
  • grinding system for frozen meat blocks (-20 o C) (optional)
  • special execution of grinders for frozen fish blocks
  • adjusted for various types of loading
  • easy to clean

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