STIGID LTD presents to the Bulgarian market the Italian company SALVINOX and SALVADOR which manufacture since 1962 high quality meat mincer plates ,knife and bandsaw blades.


SALVADOR and SALVINOX meat mincer plates and knives are made with prime quality hard-wearing stainless steel. Precision mechanical tooling individually controlled, combined with an accurate hardening process ensure perfect cutting and long life.

Plates size UNGER R/70 – H/82 – A/90 – B/98 – D/114 – E/130 are made in stainless steel, plates size G/160 and U/200 are made in D2 steel. Our knives single body, with changeable blades and ring style coupled with two plates ensures perfectly uniform cutting

Plates ENTERPRISE are made in D2 steel ensures maximum cutting precision and long life. They are available size 22-32-42 (52) hub style and hubless. Knife body is made in stainless steel and braze welded inserts are madein hard-wearing alloy.

BAND SAW BLADES FOR FROZEN MEAT AND FISHHARDENED TEETH SKIP 8,47 mm (3TPI)SWEDISH TOP QUALITY CARBON STEEL DORBLADE SUPREME. These professional blades are suitable for cutting ox, pork and ovine frozen meat. They are whole made in Italy with Swedish top quality carbon steel.



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