UNIVERSAL CONNECTION OF THE MASSAGING AND MIXING FUNCTIONS Maximum utilization of the production area and shortening the time of technological processes 

Technological advantages

  • possibility of working in rooms with high temperature
  • possibility of loading the drum from 10 to 75% of its volume
  • possibility to supply brine during the program

Mixing loads

  • possibility of using the mixer-massager as a vacuum mixer
  • mixing and venting stuffing by applying vacuum
  • increased stuffing density after mixing
  • better colour of the finished product
  • mixing various types of meats, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit (frozen and fresh), spices, cereals
  • short time of mixing meat stuffing, approx. 10 minutes

Massaging meat stuffing

  • significant reduction of the time of meat massaging processes
  • massaging whole muscles (sirloin, ham, shoulders) as well as small, delicate pieces of meat (poultry elements, meat ingredients for structural stuffing)
  • better absorption and bonding of brine
  • higher final product performance


  • completely made of acid resistant steel
  • indirect, safe in operation, freon cooling of the drum
  • combining the advantages of a refrigerated vacuum tumbler positioned with a cooled, vacuum stuffing mixture
  • active massaging and mixing arms ensuring gentle treatment of meat elements and thorough mixing of stuffing 
  • easy to keep clean
  • interchangeable mixing arms for different types of products 
  • integrated, automatic loading and unloading system for standard 200 l stuffing trolleys

Automation of work thanks to an advanced control system

  • up to 99 technology programs
  • regulation of massaging time, break, internal temperature
  • Inside the drum, number of rotations of the mixer per minute, angle of drum and vacuum level.
  • Internet diagnostics system and registration of all process parameters 

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