• Designed for thermal treatment of meat products, fish and cheese.User advantages:
    • shortening of technological process
    • energy saving
    • minimal weight losses
    • high and repeatable quality of products
    • uniform temperature distribution

    Construction advantages:

    • stainless steel structure;
    • sectional design;
    • microprocessor control system;
    • steam, electric, steam-electric, oil or gas power supply system;
    • individual system of air circulation, heating and humidification for each section;
    • high insulation properties of the chamber provided by polyurethane foam and mineral wool filling;
    • the floor of the chamber made as a whole, i.e. in the tanking method;
    • fixed access-way (not tilting) integrated with the floor;
    • automatic washing system – makes it easy to keep clean;
    • an innovative system for assembling the side walls enabling mounting the chamber in a 1600mm-wide room.


    Technological processes:

    • sedimentation
    • drying
    • drying and smoking
    • smoking with smoke only
    • smoking by means of smoke with steam
    • cold smoking
    • steaming
    • venting

    Air circulation system:

    • each module equipped with independent air circulation system
    • fresh air (or smoke) supply controlled automatically
    • removing of used air
    • precise control of moistening system
    • unique design of air mixing chamber
    • efficient heating up system

    Smoke houses of special execution:

    • Chambers for  baking (up to 135oC)
    • Smoke houses with cooling system enabling  conducting processes of cold smoking
    • smoke houses with dual heating system
    • oil, gas, electric smoke houses with additional low steam
    • chambers with the option of water spray


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