• Designed to wash all kinds of plastic containers, covers of containers, euro-pallets* and buggies metal and plastic one, giving optimal washing effects.Construction advantages :
    • Water heating systems:electric, steam, electric-steam, gas, oil and hot water
    • Guiding mechanism for washed containers
    • Mechanical conveyor for containers transport with a speed regulation (chain conveyor)
    • Touch screen control panel
    • Closed water circulation system
    • Stainless steel centrifugal pump
    • High efficiency – up to 1800 containers per hour
    • Regulation and distribution of rinsing water in terms of: intensity of rinsing, refreshing of tank water, overflow
    • system allowing water savings in the washer in case of temporary lack of a container in the tunnel
    • Chemical dosing
    • Optional devices available, i.e. pre-wash and air blow-off modules
    • Guards protection against accidental opening




    Designed to remove water from the surface of the containers and other packages after washing and disinfection processes in container washers. It is compatible with others modules of the washing line. With proper configuration of blow-off modules – the possibility to reduce water from the container  up to 99% (depends on the shape and technical condition of the container).

    • high efficiency
    • limit water consumption in the washer (directing recovered water to a tank)
    • regulation of intensity of air stream (fast change of distance of nozzles from container surface)

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