All tumbler produced by METALBUD NOWICKI can be odered without cooling, with cooling or with heating for defrosting.

They are intended for improving vividness, massaging and marinating a wide range of raw materials in a vacuum:

  • muscles and elements of red meat
  • small pieces of meats
  • poultry body items and elements
  • fish and seafood

Construction adavantages:

WIDER POSSIBILITIES FOR CONTROLLING THE PARAMETERS OF THE MASSAGING PROCESS The highest quality of the produced sausage products, thanks to the control of the process parameters and a specially designed drum construction.

Solid construction

  • completely made of acid resistant steel
  • polished drum workpieces inside and outside
  • diagonal system of blades

Automation of processes thanks to the advanced control system

  • full control of all the parameters of the massaging process
  • all the massaging processes are programmed and controlled by means of an intuitive touch panel
  • diagnostic system via the Internet

Vacuum system

  • BUSCH vacuum pumps as standard
  • multistage vacuum pump protection system

Loading systems

  • possibility of working with a hydraulic or vacuum loading system
  • possibility of using one loading system for many tumblers 

The highest quality of products

  • high repeatability of products thanks to the precise control of process parameters
  • maintaining technological parameters thanks to a specially designed drum construction and working in a vacuum environment

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