High specialization of production through the selection of appropriate heads and needles and a wide range of settings for all the process parameters.

Alta especialización en la producción a través de la selección de los cabezales y agujas adecuadas como también amplias posibilidades de ajustes de todos los parámetros de proceso.


are intended to implement the most advanced processes of injection covering a wide range of meat raw materials:

  • muscles and elements of red meat with bone or boneless
  • whole poultry and parts of white meat with bone or boneless
  • fresh meat – white and red
  • fish and fish fillets

High production capacity

  • independent servo-drive systems of the injection head and the conveyor
  • drive of the transporter synchronized with the drive of injection head enables many combinations of injection patterns
  • conveyor with electronic speed control in a delicate way moves the injected meat

Uniform distribution of brine

  • pumps independently supplying each head*
  • special pump for high viscosity brines (optional)
  • smooth regulation of brine pressure to each head individually
  • possibility to divide the head into two independent sections with different pressures (optional, for double-head machines)

* for multihead injectors

Multi-stage brine filtration system

  • internal filter with replaceable cartridges with different graduation, selected depending on the type of the needles used; the level of filter contaminantion is automatically controlled by the controller
  • The FBN rotary filter with a slot drum for a very fine cleaning of return brine, option of matching the slot to the return brine
  • specially shaped bottom of the filter
  • possibility to use a protein filter (optional)

Quick and effective cleaning system

  • easy and fast replacement of needle heads


Injection head

  • a head hygiene system that shortens the washing time of the internal part of the injection head to a mínimum
  • the latest, easy to assemble and disassemble injection head
  • individual control system for each head* with the possibility of disconnecting individual heads*
  • each head can be equipped independently with the required needles selected from the catalogue of needles or on request a unique needle can be designed for special products
  • the possibility of tenderizing with the use of a tenderizing head (for models with the letter T)
  • high repeatability of injection level
  • smooth speed control of the injection head
  • programming start and end of the injection process
  • control of needles height over the transporter
  • injection of the raw meat without extruding brine
  • possibility of pre-programming of injection moment
  • stability of parameters during work, both low and high injections are characterized by high repeatability

Process automation thanks to the advanced control system

  • full control of all the injector parameters  
  • all injection processes are programmed and controlled using an intuitive touch screen control panel
  • on-line diagnostic system
  • SCADA monitoring system (optional)

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