• designed to produce frozen „dry” ice flakes used in the food industry in production processes as well as during transport, storage and presentation of food products. They can be equipped with an integrated or separate cooling unit. All models of the ice generators can be equipped with an insulated ice container, with an insulated container that significantly extends the shelf life of stored ice flakes.Construction advantages:
    • frame and housing in stainless steel
    • efficient cooling system accurately chosen for different models
    • split version of the machine (P) – allows for mounting of evaporator outside e.g. on external side of the wall of production hall
    • automatic water drain
    • UV disinfection of supply water (optional)
    • good ice parameters:
    • – “dry” flake shape- thickness of approx. 1 mm
    • – low temperature (down to -9 °C) and large flake surface
    • heat recovery from compressor (optional)
    • a special versions of cooling units for use in very low or very high ambient temperatures
    • automatic ultrasonic cleaning system (optional)

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